A downloadable custom map

Welcome to Quickie Mountain! This custom map consists of an A-Side and B-Side modeled after two of my favorite Kaizo Hacks, Quickie World and Quickie World 2 by Valdio. The kaizo community is a place that is near and dear to my heart, and as a Celeste speedrunner I wanted to create a map that embodied both games. Each level consists of two long screens to represent the feel of Super Mario World levels. Level design, gameplay, and playtesting by frozenflygone. Music, visuals, and implementation into Celeste itself by BeanJammin.

Requires a PC copy of Celeste and Everest Mod Loader to play, which can be found here: https://everestapi.github.io/ 

Once you have installed Everest, download the zip folder above. Inside of the Celeste/Everest directory on your computer, drag the zip folder into the Mod folder. Then load up Everest, start on any file, and hit the up or down key to change from vanilla Celeste to the Custom Map. Message me if you need any help with this!


QuickieMountain.zip 20 MB

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the name is funny